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Services We Offer

Water rights services  include investigations, water rights application and licensing, operational analysis and study, water transfers, transfer analysis, environmental and agency coordination, water use study, and water rights reporting.

Flood control services  include hydrologic and hydraulic studies; levee maintenance and rehabilitation, design and planning; bank protection analysis and design; drainage analysis; flood insurance studies and flood plain analysis; flood planning, operational analysis, flood fight and disaster recovery consulting; flood control economic and feasibility studies.

Litigation and expert witness services  include technical studies and expert witness testimony for litigation involving flood control, seepage, water rights and other water related property issues, hydraulics and hydrology. Testimony and representation before State and Federal legislatures, the State Water Resources Control Board, State Reclamation Board, California Water Commission, and other regulatory venues involving water issues.

Water resource planning services  include operational studies, supply and demand analysis, water conservation study and planning, water balance analysis, groundwater supply, water use reports, water supply alternatives analysis, and feasibility studies.

Environmental services  include environmental assessment, CEQA documentation, including negative declarations and environmental impact reports, alternatives analyses, wetlands determination, and agency coordination.

Regulatory services  include preparation of plans and application, agency coordination, alternatives analyses; and negotiations in regard to permits and agreements required by the US Army Corps of Engineers, California Department of Fish & Wildlife, Regional Water Quality Control Boards, State Lands Commissions, and the State Reclamation Board. MBK Engineers currently provides Watermaster services for the Upper Putah Creek Watershed.

Other services  include hydraulic and hydrologic technical analyses and modeling, dam failure inundation studies, reservoir operation and flood routing. GIS services include map creation and analysis of tabular and geographic data using AutoCAD Civil 3D and ArcMap.  Field engineering includes surveying, hydrography, servicing water measurement structures and equipment, and photographic and surveying documentation of floods and other water related events.

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